For dealers

Do you want to reach more customers, you have a plan to implement, you expect fast and full payment, the car must be registered?
Register in our database and add an advertisement.

We, as your partner, will buy, pay, register the car and then pick it up.  

We work only with authorized car dealerships, because for us the most important thing is not the price itself, but also the uninterrupted process of delivery and collection of the car.
Our online database is a closed database for B2B customers from all over Europe.

You want to reach several hundred professional traders 

You expect a quick decision

The car must be registered 

You expect fast and full payment

Register in our database and add an advertisement.  

After publication, the offer will be visible to several hundred companies dealing in car trade from all over Europe.
In the event of a purchase decision, we will take care of the rest: we will buy, pay, register and pick up the car.
We only work with authorized distributors.

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